UFOs (Ubiquitous Findable Objects)
Subject:   oh for a better subject heading!
Date:   2005-12-13 10:50:56
From:   ktrammel
Response to: leave us alone

Thanks for the book reference:-)

Is the one who bores the bored boring or just outside the scope of appreciation of the one bored? "Security through obscurity" -- obscurity here means... Socially ostracized?

There is always a balance and technology will always seek a balance. The balance in the short-term, though, is within the common ground of the level of consciousness upheld most commonly (LCD). That common consciousness isn't public, it's private. The public sphere tends to obscure it. But the private is what determines our actions and therefore the social milieu. That's what does and will determine how technology is used. It still seems a useful point to make.