The Sharp Zaurus -- A Lovely Little Computer
Subject:   This baby ROCKS!!!
Date:   2002-06-11 22:12:26
From:   technocat
I plan on making it my mobil conrol center using 802.11b :) I want to either learn to write or get a project started to write a virtual screen app, so I can control apps on my desktop or laptop, from the Z . The driving force behind this, aside from it would be truely "nifty" is to be able to use my Earthmate GPS and Delrome dsoftware on the laptop, in a small Z scaled window with a strealined, "Only When Needed " interface, hewnce known as "OWheN" would be a Truely transparent interface that is called up when the screen is taped or the curser pad is used. It will be equaly at home in Page AND Landscape mode hence known as "PAGE" and "LAND"