Managing MySQL on Mac OS X
Subject:   dbVis free edition
Date:   2005-12-14 09:49:55
From:   Paul_Furbacher
You might think about adding Minq software's dbVis free edition ( offers a lot of features needed by the average developer who needs to run queries and so on against any database, not just MySQL. Since it's written in Java, it runs on just about every OS, including OS X. And if you need all the features of the Personal edition, you can hardly beat the $99 price tag.
Also, I find it odd that the article did not mention MySQL's QueryBrowser (did I read the article too fast?). It is a great tool: I've used it mainly on Windows boxes for interacting with data.
(I'm not sure why I'd want to have to set up and manage PHP just to interact with my data with the phpMyAdmin solution mentioned in the article, especially if I'm a Java developer. I like to do as little work as possible on the ancillary issues in these kinds of things, and spend as much as possible on that which actually puts bread on the table. Hence, setting up PHP just to do Web-based admin -- do we really have time to waste waiting for Web pages to refresh? -- would not even be a consideration around here, especially since you can use MySQL's tools over across a network.)
Finally, one more tool deserves mention is MySQL's Migration Toolkit which quite unfortunately is not available for OS X. I was desperate to migrate a database from Oracle to something/anything else, and the Migration Toolkit worked beautifully with the Oracle database that had nearly 200 tables and lots of data. Within an hour, I had successfully migrated the entire Web application that used this database. All I needed to do with the Web app was to change the datasource definition to point to the MySQL database. Hopefully, will get enough requests from OS X developers/DBAs to also offer the Migration Toolkit for OS X.