Python and Apache
Subject:   To the pompous assholes commenting about peter's work.
Date:   2005-12-14 12:46:02
From:   coreyhaskin
I stumbled upon the Python thread while doing some apache research.
From a third-party perspective, I understand why you flamers are mad; a complete Python noob figured it out much faster than you did. You seem like the half-retarded bully on the playground, beating up the kid who tried and succeeded.

I was amazed at what assholes you self-important programming DORKS were to someone who didn't have "correct" Python programming habits. Why didn't you post "proper" code if you are so superior? Think of what other things you could have done instead of flaming him. You could have gotten your overweight, fat-ass up and bought more cigarettes, or even gone out on a date with a "real woman" from an escort service... The possibilities are endless, but you'll never know because you are spreading negativity.

Please don't reproduce. We already have enough assholes.