A Look at Keychain Access (and Why You Should Care)
Subject:   Security vs usability, and tips for the paranoid
Date:   2005-12-17 02:36:11
From:   blech
Thanks for the article. I'm the sort of person who already has Keychain set up seperately from the login password, and a machine that doesn't log in by default, but you do a good job of explaining how those things are desirable.

A couple of points. If you want a bit more security when away from your machine, then consider switching on "Require password to wake this machine from sleep or screen saver" in the Security preference pane. It's pretty self-explanatory, I hope.

For the truly paranoid, to prevent someone using Target Disk Mode to clone your machine, you can use Open Firmware passwords (described in this MacDevCenter article by Ian Darwin ( ) to prevent a user booting your machine without authorisation.

(As a complete aside, I wonder if there'll be a similar locking mechanism on Intel Macs? If FireWire goes- which, given the way iPods have been going, it might- then maybe Target Disk Mode will go too. Which would be a big step backwards, if you ask me, although it would prevent you needing such things.)