A Look at Keychain Access (and Why You Should Care)
Subject:   switching Keychains to tedious
Date:   2005-12-19 03:57:37
From:   magka
I've had the same idea to use several keychains for different purposes but what drove me nuts and away from the whole Keychain system is that new passwords can only be written to the keychain currently set as "default", and that only the current default keychain can supply passwords to applications. OK, maybe that's a feature.. The real bad is that switching the default keychain is so tedious. At least, it should be possible to switch the default chain from the keychain Access menu but again, but indeed "it's not a terribly user-friendly bit of software". I feel I am better off with FireFox' password storage, plus app like "Pastor". As so often with Apple software, Keychain does have a lot of potential but missing details make it a showstopper.