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Subject:   Is your office organized?
Date:   2005-12-19 10:16:48
From:   RCH
Response to: Is your office organized?

Confusion of roles here.

Better to centre the whole effort on a database; e.g. Rapidfile

Essential details of every new action, every incoming email requiring reply, are captured in the database, and appropriate templated text is output.

Needs a database template for each type of email you write, one for each perl/ruby/awk script; etc

A little script gets the output, massages it appropriately, names it, saves it, and opens the IDE.

Database records have as unique key a 5 digit number (00001, 00002 ...);

File names are Number_Mnemonic.extension e.g. 00001_Dupont.txt,
00002IncomeTax.xls ...

Replies get filed similarly
00002IncomeTax_CourtOrder.msg ...

Files are assigned to directories in batches of 100.

First hundred go in directory ..\00000_00099, second in directory ..\00100_00199 und so wieter

Proof of concept - this has worked for me since the early 1990s. I now have more than 15500 entries. Colleagues routinely ask for stuff that they cant find in their system

Recent records easily found either by eyeballing dir list for a mnemonic, older ones by database boolean search. "Dupond NOT Dupont AND before 2003" returns the record number(s) of what you are looking for instantaneously.

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  1. Is your office organized?
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