A Look at Keychain Access (and Why You Should Care)
Subject:   Sharing Keychains is a Bear!
Date:   2005-12-19 19:42:23
From:   FHB
I've got to agree that the program's UI is non-intuitive. I still haven't figured out how to share a keychain from another Mac!

Before giving up an old Mac, I specifically copied the keychain onto the new Mac's HD. What a joy, I thought, if I could avoid having to recall all of those passwords. The only problem is that Keychain won't import the file! It isn't highlighting it (and therefore allowing me to select it for import).

  • I also tried another approach: using the .Mac Backup program, I regularly backed up my keychain. So, I thought it would be simple to head over to .Mac and download it into Keychain. No luck.

  • I'd say the security on Keychain is quite good! It won't do anything to share it's secrets!