Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   Consequences?
Date:   2002-06-13 11:21:31
From:   arunkle
This article is useful, however, it appears that there are a number of ways to get sendmail working on 10.1.5 again. It would be handy to have a description of why some of these steps were implemented.
I have been able to get sendmail running correctly (time will tell) without adding the second sendmail line. I have also include a procedure during the boot process to change the protection of root directories so that I do not need the DontBlameSendmail feature.
As a final comment/question, the default sendmail configuration that is supplied by apple seems to be geared toward server systems supporting mail relaying using configuration files to maintain security. It would be useful to have a template configuration that was oriented for non-SysAdmin types that want just a simple secure environment to support just their machine.

Allan Runkle

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