Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   relaying and php
Date:   2002-06-15 16:59:13
From:   theladyboo
Well, the details in this article helped with virtual domains and getting sendmail running but my relay domains are no longer working. No matter what address i send to the outside world i get back relaying denied. I can receive mail fine.

I don't know if it's related or not yet but the next window for the php3 script twig no longer works either. since this script is mail related, i don't know. to busy trying to fix the sendmail problem.

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  1. relaying and php
    2002-06-15 20:19:20  jeffulri [View]

    • relaying and php
      2002-06-19 22:12:07  theladyboo [View]

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