XP on the PowerPC
Subject:   Windows xp
Date:   2002-06-16 15:14:20
From:   ericdrew
Several years ago, I abandoned the Mac platform after 20 years. I have owned and used most models of Macs from Apple II, Lisa and on through the 8's & 90's. My last Mac was a PowerBook G3.

I had to abandon my Macs in favor of Win/tel machines because my business, Healdsburg Realty, depended on Quickbooks and MLS web access that only supported windows OS.

I am ready to return to the Mac platform and OS X. However, I will still need to use some Windows-only applications, and would like to run both OS's on the same machine. How can I maximize the speed of Connectix's virtual PC on a new Mac? Would dual processor G4 help?

I do not mind spending extra to get best performance on both OS's.

Eric Drew