Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   Simpler fix ?
Date:   2002-06-17 16:53:56
From:   mike_dowe
I had sendmail working under the "don't blame sendmail" scheme until 10.5.1
Before I saw this O'Reilly update, I acted on Chris' post in the original article which said to follow the instructions in /etc/mail/README.

I figured I didn't want to edit (I had in the past and it looked the same). I gathered from the README that netinfo was the problem so I followed these instructions:

* To ensure that sendmail does not read its config file from netinfo,
execute the following commands:
niutil -create . /locations/sendmail
niutil -createprop . /locations/sendmail /etc/mail/

I sent a test message to root and it worked (after rebooting).

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    2002-06-17 17:12:33  mike_dowe [View]

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