Flying High with AirPort
Subject:   Macs, PCs and AirPort
Date:   2002-06-18 17:05:33
From:   robgbne
I set up an AirPort network when they were first released here, about March 2000. I had my Apple dealer setup my B&W G3 and AirPort for internet and wired access, then took it all home.

My son's iMac found the wireless network without a hitch, he was surfing the web in minutes in OS 9. I connected my Windows 98 laptop to the network by cable (I have a small hub for wired connections) and was on-line in about 5 minutes. When we upgraded to OS X there were no issues at all.

I am now about to upgrade to a DSL connection and add a couple more wireless Macs. And my Win98 laptop is about to mutate into Win2k.

AirPort has been the easiest complex network device I've used, it is easy to configure and has never let me down. The Apple knowledge base has been essential in settup up for DSL; I have moved my cabled machines (laptop, printer and G3) to fixed IP addresses and know exactly what to do next (I think ...).

One more thing ... to share a DSL connection you need a router. You can use a computer as the router, but then it has to stay powered up and on the network; you can buy a dedicated router, or use the AirPort. So AirPort does DHCP and wireless hub for wireless machines and acts as a router for both wireless and wired computers - and this is with the original AirPort. I should add that the AirPort wasn't much more expensive than just a router, and a lot less than most PC-centric wireless hubs.

Apple makes great products - thanks guys.