Mac Users and the Macs They Use
Subject:   My Mac/Most Important App
Date:   2006-01-02 08:04:29
From:   SerpicoLugNut
I own a couple of Macs, but my bread and butter, can't live without it Mac is the Powerbook G4 17" 1.5ghz. It replaced a Powerbook G4 15" 1.33 1.25ghz that was a lemon. It had to be repaired twice in 4 months and it still wasn't right. The PBG4 17" is 18 months old and it has been flawless. No issues at all.

Now that the new 15" Powerbooks have the same screen real estate, I'd like to move to the 15" to lighten the load. But I'll wait until the Mactel Powerbooks and the revision B machines.

We also have a Power Mac G4 500mhz Sawtooth that operates as a web/file server here at home. And the wife uses an iBook G4 1.25ghz in the kitchen. It's amazing how having a small, light, wireless laptop in the house can change your life.

My app that I can not live without? It would either be a browser or an email client. And since you can use a Browser as an email client, I would have to go with the browser, which for me, is Safari. Apart from those two, Photoshop CS2 gets fired up more than any other app on my system.