Weblog:   IronPython 1.0 Beta 1 released
Subject:   Licensing: The elephant in the room
Date:   2006-01-02 18:46:50
From:   jmjones
Response to: Licensing: The elephant in the room

You may have a point. I really can't say that I've researched their license to see how FePy could be used in GPL projects. However, what I was really meaning was "playing well with others" from an interoperability standpoint. One of their key focuses all along has been compatibility with CPython. And from reading the mailing list, I get the impression that they are at least communicating well with the Mono folks. While licensing is a huge issue, I think it's interesting to see prove some of my impressions of them wrong. At least it's a good start. I'll have to look into licensing though. It'd be interesting to see if they could really prevent a GPLed project from calling their libraries. That's almost like restricting GPL projects from Windows because those projects would be inadvertently calling system libraries. I'm not saying they haven't done it (or at least tried). I'm just saying that it'd be interesting to see how that would stand up in court.

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