Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   RE: Apache and using my IP
Date:   2002-06-19 01:51:55
From:   hypertext2
I am coming across an issue other people here don't seem to mention. I figured I'd throw this out there and see if anyone had any ideas.

I am using an adsl pppoe connection. Let's just say that my IP address is If I go into my httpd.conf file and set servername to that IP and restart apache I will be unable to connect to

The intersting thing is that the reason why it doesn't work seems to be tied in with the way PPPoe works on OS X. If I go into the Network Panel and set TCP?IP to manual and specify an IP address of, I will be able to connect to the apache server and get web pages. However, when I go back into the network panel and set tcp/ip to ppp and set up the network panel to use pppoe and connect to my adsl,the connection to the web site fails. It seems that it fails because OS X does not pay attention to the IP assigned to the ppp connection created by the pppoe software. Since the dsl connection assigns the IP to the ppp connection and not directly to the nic the computer does not realize that it is The result is as long as I am connected to dsl, I am only able to connect using http://localhost or

I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and what to do to fix it.