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Subject:   Camera settings
Date:   2006-01-03 03:51:58
From:   cam2003
Response to: Camera settings

This is exactly why people pay lots of money for "fast" lenses, basketballmom... (Fast here means that the lens can open its aperture wide - the lower the f-number (e.g. 1.8) the wider the aperture is open. The wider the lens aperture is open, the more quickly the camera captures the light ergo the shorter the time required for the shutter to be open - low shutter speed will freeze action shots.)

Like the advice above, you might want to try setting a higher ASA number. The higher this number the more quickly the camera captures light - it is a holdover from the days when you purchased faster film. Higher ASA will also help you freeze action shots - but at the cost of some graininess. Good luck!

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