What We're Doing When We Blog
Subject:   Blog goes mainstream
Date:   2002-06-19 08:43:59
From:   dueber
The notion that "weblogs were a solution looking for a problem to solve" is ridiculous. Blogs
were solving problems before the war bloggers hit town.

The difference now is that you have a lot of people who feel very strongly about topics that might have been on the back burner before September 11. And, some of these people have discovered weblogs as a means of expression. And, since much of the world has been focused on these topics since September 11, it's only natural that war blogs would attract a fair amount of attention. The media wants to know what people are thinking and, using weblogs, people can say what they're thinking.

Without the techie blogs and the personal blogs, weblogs may never have come to "where they are today". So, those who discredit the techie and personal blogs are being thick-skulled.

On the other side, you've got the techies and long-time bloggers who have let off steam and have discredited the war bloggers. To me, these folks are analogous to hardcore music fans whose favorite group just got discovered by the mainstream and pop music folks... like early Smashing Pumpkins fans from the Chicago area... when the rest of the world started loving them too, being a Pumpkins fan may have lost some of its beauty.