Mac Users and the Macs They Use
Subject:   Its still hard to beat the iBook
Date:   2006-01-04 01:30:17
From:   batesc
Still on a first edition 12-inch iBook G3, now 5 years old but got a new lease of life this year up to 768MB RAM and a 100GB hard drive. Have run OS X from new, currently runs OS X 10.4 OK. Take it anywhere, just open the lid and surf and eMail with wireless. Indispensible app is Quicksilver, mainly to launch Safari via local bookmarks or bookmarks, and to launch AppleMail. I'm an undemanding user who reads and types.
Often thought of upgrading to a Powerbook to get enough horsepower to edit photos (or play music while I work), but I reckon I'd need a much bigger screen too so it would turn out to be a much bigger unit to supplement the 12-inch iBook rather than replace it, and I've never been able to justify it.
Likely to replace it with the last 12-inch G4 PowerBook as I've a gut dislike of Intel that will take a while to overcome.