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Subject:   Dummie's intro to blog?
Date:   2002-06-19 14:58:32
From:   n9kju
I got my latest issue of the O'Reilly newsletter and was interested in the "feature" article called "What We're Doing When We Blog". I am totally new to this idea of a 'blog, but rather interested in it. I read the fine article linked to the newsletter and followed a link at the bottom of the article to this article. Having read "My Blog, My Outboard Brain", I'm even more interested.

So I followed a link to "Boing Boing" hopeing to find some sort of "What the heck is a 'blog anyway" or a Dummie's guide. I could not find any sort of link that would help me find out enough about 'blog to try this medium. None of these articles that I've read have included a link like "So what is a 'blog anyway" link for those of us totally new to what sounds like the water that this duck was meant to swim in.

Can someone send me a link to a good starting point? Would it make sense to add a "help" button to the top/front of Boing Boing? I'll try a few Google searches to see if I can find answers on my own.

Thanks in advance,
Ken S. <>

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  1. Dummie's intro to blog?
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