Maven Project Reporting and Publishing, Part 1
Subject:   I really hate to be negative...
Date:   2006-01-04 15:22:47
From:   hexghost
but Maven is one of the biggest hunks of crap that has ever cursed the Java world. What was wrong with Ant? It's perfectly fine for large projects (not that maven's creators have ever made a large project), most of the java world already uses it, and its supported in most of the major IDEs. Instead they had to crap out maven. Incompatible build files with ant, a release schedule that makes Commons look good, and the best thing ever: Total Incompatibility with version 2 to version 1! What an amazing f****ing idea! Seriously, I know you're just whoring this chapter out to get book sales, but look maven creators: shape up and remove this blight to the java world.

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1 to 2 of 2