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Subject:   Problem with Audio Books
Date:   2006-01-05 14:47:51
From:   Lobdell
I find that when listening to audio books, if I pause the audio book it will restart in the same spot, but if I shut off my IPOD and turn it on later the audio book won't always play in the same spot where I left off. This is a random occurence, as sometimes when I shut off and turn back on, it's fine, but other times it starts in a completely different track. I have also noticed
this happens with songs too. Does anyone else have this same problem, where their IPOD doesn't always start where it left off when it's turned off and on? Originally I though maybe when I turned it on, I accidentally went to shuffle mode so that's why, but then I made a concious effort to make sure I only went one click and it did the same thing.

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