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Subject:   VCamera
Date:   2006-01-05 15:46:35
From:   toonboy1
I tried to use the Vcam on my Flash animation but i couldn't get it to work. I downloaded the river example, and copied the Vcam from your library. When i tried to test movie i get this error message:

**Error** Symbol=camFrame, layer=actions, frame=1:Line 1: '{' expected
function camControl():Void {

**Error** Symbol=camFrame, layer=actions, frame=1:Line 9: Unexpected '}' encountered

Total ActionScript Errors: 2 Reported Errors: 2

Can you please help me....i was really excited that you can do animated zoom ins and outs with Flash.


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  1. VCamera
    2006-03-28 05:11:34  robincb [View]

  2. VCamera
    2006-02-04 06:06:48  Sham_B [View]

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