The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   Gaming industry, php, dynamo server
Date:   2006-01-08 10:21:52
From:   photo312
I used to code in Java for the Dynamo Server platform. Just to set it up was a pain and we spent days and days just to set it up.

PhP is a cheaper solution and is my preference. I have looked at Zope engine and it is something to look into again.

Or engine.

But - all this drama about performance. If I want better performance - I just spend another $200 and get DDR2 memory and SATA hard drive. Hey - its quicker now.

The gaming industry is pushing for faster CPUs, Faster Hard drives and Memory so when it comes to performance - just get a new AMD Athlon XP, DDR2, SATA hard drive and you are good to go!!!