Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   no colour :(
Date:   2006-01-10 01:59:47
From:   TaRaK
this is great post thanks for the info.
the sound is fine and picture is good, only problem is that it is in black and white for me.
Any ideas why this would be ?
i also agree with the comments made about not riping off apple by asking for replacments for things you never bought, however my headphones gave up after 8days so was happy to see that i could get them replaced as i was about to go out and buy another set.

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  1. no colour :(
    2006-01-11 15:38:29  mattymatt [View]

    • no colour :(
      2006-01-13 08:09:23  TaRaK [View]

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