Weblog:   Dollars and Sense: Adobe Lightroom vs Apple Aperture
Subject:   Aperture vs Lightroom
Date:   2006-01-10 07:33:24
From:   kjcase

I think that Apple will have to take serious note of the system requirements that Lightroom requires. For an application that costs more than $400 and can only run on Apple's high end machines will be hard to continue sellling.

I purchased Aperture, education version, but it will only run on 1 of the three systems I have. Won't run on my Mirror DP G4 w/ 1.25Gb of RAM or my 12" Powerbook. If push comes to shove I would rather purchase Lightroom in order for it to work on ALL my systems without further financial investment.

Lets hope that Apple makes some changes for the future of Aperture.