All About the Little Green Glob
Subject:   focus object selection methods thoughts
Date:   2002-06-22 10:20:56
From:   psheldon
Response to: focus object selection methods: the spare desktop border vs the click-thru windowframe

I felt dwarfed by your discussion, however, applauding someone with greater gifts has shown me my own wisdom with Michele's post on drag enabling. I therefore applaud by "actively listening" to each of your points, only here it is actively writing.

...various levels of opacicty...

You introduced Aqua UI conventions for display ---context--- as opposed to merely being focused on forground window you get this context depth.

...'compress' multiple channels...

The quartz compositing with opacity depth cue lets the user have accessible channels in a context that, in effect, might be considered a compression much as an outliner. Compression (just as a channel you might tune in) means information accessibility, not necessarily information there.

...this access method is only one-way...

What desktop metaphor can be used to coordinate this learning to see in 3D with learning to control in 3D so us kittens with blinders really learn to see 3D context.

...existing aqua conventions still force us to wade through the windowframes manually...

I could imagine a widget that would present the layers of windows in their order and then on mouseover event mark the window for a click to make it foreground. That would be a nice 3D desktop metaphor involving only a 1D widget to compliment the 2D desktop.

...cocoa delegate method to gather-up all the context information...

In the old os 9 there is something called a window list attached to the app. I suspect Next Step has a similar thing in os x. That has gathered up the information.

...aqua widget that overridges one of the windowframe controls...

A neat confusing of words overrides for overridges that precisely captures the flow of your thoughts. Perhaps this should be called the overridges override of the windowframe controls.

...alt_mouse event to the scroll-bars...

Don't like it attached to a particular window, but where would I like to send the alt_mouse event to?

What of a special menu with mouseover event marking window as augmenting Aqua UI conventions?