Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   no colour :(
Date:   2006-01-11 15:38:29
From:   mattymatt
Response to: no colour :(

the no-color issue sounds like you may have plugged it into the component jack on your TV. some high-end TVs have multiple methods to input video; those include composite (which most TVs have, and carries the entire video signal on one cable) and component (which is higher-quality, but isn't available on most TVs, and carries the video signal on 3 separate cables).
component video uses three video jacks; one for the black and white signal, and two for different types of color signals. if you're only getting B&W video, you've probably plugged the ipod's cable (which is only made to carry composite video) into the B&W component jack. see if your TV has a composite input (it might also be called RCA, or line, or video) and try plugging it in there.

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  1. no colour :(
    2006-01-13 08:09:23  TaRaK [View]

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