Weblog:   Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
Subject:   Windows verses MAC
Date:   2006-01-12 18:48:27
From:   heyitsme
OK let's cut to the chase! As far as I am concerned most anti microsoft comments I see are based on a very narrow view. I keep hearing or seeing the statement "The most advanced operating system in the world" Usually applied to OSX. Whe nreally it is just liek Wine. If you like it and it wokrs for you it's the best. Let's not get into the BS about speed because it really depends on the task and how the processor works. MAC OS by some could be considered a bunch of fluff. By others they swear by it. Most who make these rigid statements ahve NOT used the other platform for large ongoing tasks to make an honset judgement. BAck to the Wine. I know a great wine when I like it. If I don't like it it is NOT a good wine. That is all there is to it PERIOD! I use both MAC and windows for most tasks my PC will kick the butt off any mac. Get rid of the fluff and give me raw speed, blow the animated windows away and use the processor power to do real work. If you like MACS power to ya! IF you like PCs Ditto. It's a matter of preference, END OF STORY!