There Is No Open Source Community
Subject:   Hm
Date:   2006-01-13 08:00:10
From:   smitty_one_each
Conventional wisdom says that powerful individuals drive open source by working against the grain to institute a methodology of sharing that would balance the power between software vendors and users.<br/>
While this makes for an entertaining narrative, there is quantitative evidence to the contrary.

I think you could as well argue that the last 250 years of world history have been about technology and economic factors, not about the people.<br/>
Yet, events are quite tightly coupled to names like Washington, Napoleon, Bismarck, Lenin, Churchill, etc. Your historical path might have been radically different without any one of them, as you enter the realm of the counterfactual.<br/>
Similarly, the inidividuals mentioned in your article have all exerted more or less force on the course of history. I don't disagree with the economic points you raise so much as I think you underrate the importance of individuals, timing, and location in the course of events.<br/>
Beyond the individuals in question, you have which seems to fly in the face of your article title, at least.<br/>
Possibly you'd argue that these are micro-trends, and of little macro-importance.

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