There Is No Open Source Community
Subject:   Open source is not just a community. It is business strategy
Date:   2006-01-13 11:06:11
From:   MalcolmS
The article is correct. We support open source as matter of a prudent business offering. We can offer our clients the benefits of an open code base (tailoring and self maintenance), low cost deployment, rapid evolution, rapid hardening by widespread test and fix etc.

Nobody gets misty eyed in our office about open source. For engineers open-source products are like huge code bases we can assemble quickly for clients in a very cost effective manner. We can also easily instrument and improve the solution performance in an end to end manner.

I wrote a similar article to this about a year ago in FreeSoftware Magazine.

For us open source is good business. We use it with JBoss, CORBA (ACE/TAO/JacORB), Boost, MPC, Ovation, Hibernate and now QuickFIX. We know the products intimately and they fit well in our markets. We are no different than an MS or Oracle VAR or systems integrator. Except we save clients money and time. Both in short supply these days.

regards Malcolm Spence
Object Computing St Louis

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  1. Open source is not just a community. It is business strategy
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