There Is No Open Source Community
Subject:   What axe are you trying to grind?
Date:   2006-01-13 11:16:52
From:   rancor
I take issue with some of your substantive points:

* Modern scientific thinking required the existence of something like the "Royal Society" of England several hundred years ago, just like the various FLOSS "communities" that have cropped up in support of FLOSS activities. I think that denying this is self-deception to the point of needing professional help.

* It seems absurd to me that you would recast the history of such large FLOSS projects such as Linux and Apache in an economic mold: these projects were started by folks who never imagined that they would ever make a dime off of this work. Or if they did it was a whimsical fantasy. Eventually, luck favored these folks, I am happy to say, and we can NOW start to show the "rest" of the world that "there is a 'better' way".

* I cannot see how you can make a sincere argument as to why FLOSS does not inhabit a higher 'moral' or 'ethical' ground. I think anything that enables one to be decoupled from the potentially insidious plans of another party as a 'good' thing, the contrary being 'bad'. So I'm not about to start a Free vs. OSS flame war but I think that you would have to agree with at least this.