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Subject:   What about good design?
Date:   2006-01-13 21:56:03
From:   jtidwell developers have two choices when trying to win over users: (1) add features not available elsewhere, and (2) release the source code. There is no other currency of value that developers can extend to users.

No other? What about a good user experience?

In some market niches, people will pay extra for a product which is more fun, easy, and rewarding to use. And user experience is not just about adding a bunch of features; it's about knowing your users, and designing the right kind of product and interface for them. That's often resource-intensive, but it doesn't have to be. Skill and knowledge can give a developer an edge.

When users treat good design as a differentiator, the software-as-commodity model can break down. It doesn't always, but enough that you might want to take it into account.

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  1. What about good design?
    2006-01-14 07:23:25  rancor [View]

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