There Is No Open Source Community
Subject:   Simplistic argument
Date:   2006-01-16 09:26:32
From:   loca

In trying to argue that there is no 'open source movement' we are given naturalistic arguments that are a form of technological or economic determinism. This is an extremely weak and simplistic causal model being constructed that disregards the agency and creativity of users and developers involved in open source production.

Surely if open source activists, developers and users claim a community, then a single journalist is in no position to tell them that they are wrong? It is like economists telling consumers that they are wrong when they act in certain ways because their models predict something that consumers then fail to do.

I would suggest that relying on a unverified web surveys (which are themselves extremely methodologically suspect) is not the best way to write a serious article on open source and its 'imagined' community.

A good attempt at making a headline that attracts attention, but unfortunately an argument not substantiated in the body of the text.


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  1. Not so fast :@)
    2006-01-16 11:41:12  john.mark [View]

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