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Subject:   help!!!!!!!
Date:   2006-01-16 10:49:41
From:   mari19
I have an two computers- one is a mac with iTunes already on it and one is a PC with iTunes downloaded on it. I successfully transfered music from my PC to my iPod shuffle. Then when I tried to plug in the iPod shuffle to my mac, a window popped up telling me that the only way I could put music in my iPod is if I replace all the music already on my iPod with the music from this library. The library of music on my mac had alot of music I didnt want on my iPod, but it looks as if I have no choice but to only put music on my iPod shuffle using my PC.

Is there anyway to put music on my iPod shuffle using two computers!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. help!!!!!!!
    2006-01-17 11:15:44  Lobdell [View]

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