There Is No Open Source Community
Subject:   as all "economic" analysis...
Date:   2006-01-16 13:47:58
From:   G_Lacava
... yours is, as usual, a posteriori; that is, given a phenomenon, you try to explain us "the obvious economic causes". As usual, people didn't see it coming first, but after the fact they are all "well, it's always been obvious, isn't it? It HAD to happen sooner or later".

Your argument that "there's no open-source community" is like saying that there were no labour communities at the beginning of the 20th century, because after all, trade-unionism "had to happen" for economic reasons. Of course it had, but Trade Unions were a community anyway; the two things are hardly mutually exclusive... unless for you a "community" doesn't exist as such. Please define community for us poor souls.

All in all, I believe this "editorial" is just a way of stirring the pot and produce some viewers for O'Reilly.