Technologies to Watch: A Look at Four That May Challenge Java’s Development Dominance
Subject:   Java as an "important standard"
Date:   2006-01-17 11:39:19
From:   AdrienLamothe
Response to: Not the best Java code example

Mr. Tate states that "Java has been an outstanding development language for the industry because it's brought a remarkable unity and attention to important standards where practically none existed before."

I'm not sure which standards he is referring to, but Java is nothing more than a de-facto standard, of sorts. When Sun approached ISO to approve Java as a certified international standard, they didn't get very far. The reason? ISO will not approve a programming language that is controlled by only one company. Sun can decide to change the Java specification anytime they want, for any reason. They can change the terms under which Java can be used. This is unacceptable for an international standard.

C++ is much maligned, but virtually all major
commercial software is developed in C++. Mr. Tate's
emphasis seems to be web development, a domain
where dynamic languages are more appropriate
and where Java use is widespread.

- Adrien Lamothe