Troubleshooting Printer Problems
Subject:   HP Laserjet 6L
Date:   2006-01-18 12:48:28
From:   AnujD
Response to: HP Laserjet 6L

Hi Vinod,
I am having the exact same problem with my HP Laserjet 6L. I am using a Windows XP machine and the printer is connected to the LPT1 port.
Could you please let me know how your problem was solved?

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  1. HP Laserjet 6L
    2006-05-08 06:20:12  jjami545 [View]

    • HP Laserjet 6L
      2006-07-25 17:41:17  joelpk [View]

      • HP Laserjet 6L
        2006-08-01 22:02:23  TomNT [View]

        • HP Laserjet 6L
          2007-07-18 18:16:22  somars [View]

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