I've Switched from Windows, Now What?
Subject:   Zio kinda rules
Date:   2002-06-26 10:53:50
From:   dave2
As a fellow recent refugee from Windows 98, I wondered how easy it would be to drop images from the Compact Flash card in my Canon PoweShot digital camera onto the drive of my new iBook. For my Vaio, I had been using a PC card adapter, into which the CF card slid. It works okay, most of the time, usually popping open a directory folder, where the images are stored, several directories down.

To get them into my iBook, I picked up a Zio! CompactFlash Reader, with a USB connector on it, for $29 at CompUSA. I popped my full CF card into into and slid it into the side of the iBook -- wondering, as a Windows user, whether it would find the right driver.

The iBook found not just the right driver, but the right application: iPhoto opened up with its "Import" button clearly beckoning. With one click, all the images appeared in iPhoto's Library.

Derrick tells me that the iBook accomplishes this through Image Capture, the application which you used manually to import images to OS X before they released iPhoto back in January of this year. (I can't attest to this, having just returned to the Mac platform this month, after leaving it in 1995 on OS 7.02.)

I haven't yet found an easy way to then erase the images on the CF card (Let me know if you know how). Doing that from the laptop saves just a little bit on the camera's battery, and if the battery situation on your digital camera sucks as badly as mine does (doesn't come in a rechargeable format, costs anywhere from $10-$14, lasts only 3-4 weeks without using the LCD), you'll want to conserve that as much as you can. (The guys who collect my batteries at the annual Household Toxics Roundup never smirk when they take my batteries, but I feel a little sheepish nonetheless.)

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