Controlling Your Mac with AppleScript and Java
Subject:   great stuff - can we get more event-specific?
Date:   2006-01-22 15:52:01
From:   Chris_G
Thanks to this great little article (nice work, Scott) I am doing interapplication communication between a Java app (jEdit) and Adobe After Effects. This means I'm using Java, AppleScript and JavaScript like they're old friends.

However, I suspect that what I'm doing could be done more elegantly, because I am putting stuff on the clipboard and accessing that in order run the JS as a "doScript" event in After Effects.
How about sending a specific Apple Event (code 'misc', id 'dosc') with an string argument (the JS code) to a specific app that supports the doScript event? I've been trying to work this out and I'm having trouble getting my head around all the steps required.