The Penny-Pinching PowerBook 1400 Goes Wireless
Subject:   No WiFi on my 1400
Date:   2006-01-23 12:08:06
From:   smileyme
Response to: Not a G4, but still ticking...

I want to go wireless with my 1400, and have bought an AP and Orinoco PC card for it. I downloaded the 7.2 driver, burned it to CD and copied it to the 1400. When I try to install the driver, I get the message "The Application "installer" could not be opened because "Util_Lib" could not be found." This first appeared in OS 8.6, so I upgraded to OS 9.1 thinking It would install the "Util_Lib". However, It still gives me the same message.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Rick :)