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Subject:   'representative' web portal
Date:   2006-01-27 18:27:51
From:   sid_steward
Response to: 'representative' web portal

I didn't imagine it being a money-maker, but I suppose that could be possible. I imagined only shareholders would use the services, and they might not want to see ads, for example. Even if they did, advertisers might worry about users/shareholders clicking ads just for revenue.

I actually imagined that coop users would pay in every year. Its mission would be to simply maintain online servers and softare, which would hopefully require more admins than managers.

It would offer:
* web mail
* blog hosting
* photo hosting
* social bookmarking, calendar, etc.
* feed management
* backups and archiving
* and anything else its members needed (and it could afford)

It could even venture into:
* P2P
* dedicated/virtual hosting services
* VoIP
* wireless (Wi-Fi, etc.)

As its buying power grows, we could wangle discounts from paid content providers, such as Safari Online ;-) And maybe buy laptops in bulk.

The web services would use free software, and its developers would collaborate on the projects core to its mission.

Then there's all the cool people you'll meet. I imagine such a community would have very good vibes.

The more I write about it, the more plausible it seems. Hmmm... What do you think?

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