More on JOINS
Subject:   Right outer joins in MS SQL SERVER
Date:   2006-01-28 23:31:14
From:   JCrespin
Response to: Right outer joins in MS SQL SERVER

The answer given is correct. There is a cross join between table titles and table sales as you have not defined the join criteria.

If you want to receive the same result that you receive with the right outer join query you have to define the join between titles and sales (see below)...

select a.au_id, b.title,
from titleauthor a,
titles b,
sales c
(a.title_id =* b.title_id)
and (a.title_id =* c.title_id)
and (b.title_id = c.title_id)
order by a.title_id

That said, definitely use the second query.