Inventing the Future
Subject:   some links + work inspired from:
Date:   2002-06-29 12:29:44
From:   ias
Interesting article. WRT wireless networking, there's software from MITRE called 'Mobile Mesh' that does mobile ad-hoc networking. It's at (unreachable 2002/07/29 21:10 GMT, google cache works though)

This was adapted to 802.11b and is called "WikiWikiWan", (CodeCon presentation MP3s available via BitTorrent at

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is I read the article, saw the snippet on the SAP/Jabber thing, and thought ''that's cool''. So now I'm 3-4 days of coding away from an IM interface servlet that talks to our software via the XML-SOAP interface. Not something you can sell, granted, but maybe cool enough to make a sale.

Thanks for the inspiration!