I've Switched from Windows, Now What?
Subject:   Licensing
Date:   2002-06-29 13:29:16
From:   terrie
Response to: Licensing

Good question -- software was definitely a consideration. One thing that actually contributed to my decision was that Macromedia's plans for HomeSite are to roll it into their MX Studio products. As a licensed HomeSite user, I didn't feel I had a good upgrade path, either by functionality OR price. And that was the main application I used in my own work.

I've purchased BBEdit (you can upgrade from the free BBEdit Lite pretty reasonably -- since I used to work for software companies, I can't sleep at night if I don't pay for things that are actually worth the money). I'm relying mostly on built-in apps for other functionality. I'm hoping to write some more aobut finding applications to make the switch easier. Buying Photoshop is almost unavoidable, but there are some things out there (GraphicConverter) that may be a good option.

I do use Virex licensed thru the company, but I'm on the lookout for alternatives for that, also.

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