Inside Contextual Menu Items, Part 2
Subject:   Add an icon to contextual menu item
Date:   2006-02-01 23:48:55
From:   piti118
Great Tutorial!
Do you know how to add an icon to a contextual menu item? I strongly believe that there is a way to do that. There are two places I found in which it might suggest a way to do that.

1)In the attribute record there is a flag for disableIcon. But I do not know how to set icon for such a thing though.

2)In Apple menu manager reference, I found that there is a function called

OSErr SetMenuItemIconHandle (
MenuRef inMenu,
SInt16 inItem,
UInt8 inIconType,
Handle inIconHandle

The bad news is that I do know know how to get hold of menuref of the contextual menu.

I also saw that some program ex: Has icon attach to the menu.

Thank you very much in advance,

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  1. Add an icon to contextual menu item
    2006-02-02 07:14:51  EGOSysDiz [View]

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