Top Ten Web Performance Tuning Tips
Subject:   Minimize the use of style sheets???
Date:   2002-06-29 14:12:44
From:   dion
Response to: Minimize the use of style sheets???

I agree with rifferte :)

With HTTP 1.1 the same connection can be used to download the style sheet, and then the html itself can be simple and without all of the crud that most people put in it.

What with the anti-EJB/CORBA item too. The use of those technologies TOTALLY depends on what your web application is doing, and many other considerations. If the web layer is only one way into the app (e.g. if there is a thick client as well) then reusing business logic is essential, and using EJB/CORBA is a great way to do that.
There are many reasons not to use EJB/CORBA, but there are also many where you should. Don't use these blanket statements!