Installing Tomcat on Mac OS X
Subject:   great article - any info on mod_jk?
Date:   2002-06-29 21:31:15
From:   billin
This is a fabulous article and couldn't be more timely, given my recent foray into JSP with Mac OS X. Even Apple's articles on integrating Tomcat with Mac OS X aren't as helpful, given that they assume inexplicably that you want to install Tomcat into /usr/local/ instead of /Library/.

Now that I've got Tomcat happily installed on my machine, I was hoping to have Apache automatically hand off requests for JSP's and servlets to Tomcat. I've been told that a particular Apache module, mod_jk, is used for just such a thing - is that correct? If so, does anyone know of a tutorial on the web for compiling and installing the module on Mac OS X? I read somewhere that had such information, but that URL doesn't seem to be valid anymore. Any others that people know about?