Weblog:   How Digital Production & Distribution Are Making Things Worse For Musicians, Not Better
Subject:   Sell merch, not music
Date:   2006-02-04 04:26:40
From:   aristotle
Comic artists on the ínet have been giving away their art for years, make a living instead by selling merchandise. It works for them, and the ones I know of who made their comic their fulltime job managed the leap when their fan base hit several thousand regular readers. This sounds like an easy goal for decent musicians who play out.

If that model works out, we will probably revert to something more like the pre-MTV days, with many local acts of moderate fame and significantly fewer artists of nationwide/international fame; in a generally much more heterogenous landscape. And now that Iím thinking about this, the more I ponder it, the more attractive it seems in many ways Ė it could be a renaissance for music.