Creating Varargs in Java 1.5 Tiger
Subject:   Are varargs an improvement?
Date:   2006-02-04 19:02:20
From:   bastos
Response to: Are varargs an improvement?

Oh yes. I agree.

Java was quite unattractive before version 1.5, in my opinion, the aggrivating amount of typecasting involved with any type of general consumption libraries (Such as the Collections framework) was not only an eyesore, but aggravated many of our repetitive strain injuries. Personally, I stayed as far away from java as possible due to the early large amount of work for low gain and low efficency of java. A decade later, they have solved what originally made me sick about it. With the combination of generics, for-in loops, enums, static imports, and regular string formatting (as well as its catalyst, variable argument methods), all of a sudden I don't mind coding java anymore.

And with the great runtime efficiency boost in the latest JVM, I don't writing, running, and using java applications, I've crossed over, quit my job, and now work as a Java Engineer. And to think 10 years ago when I first heard "Java is the future", and grabbed a java compiler and started hacking...I found myself laughing in disbelief.

While its true that variable arguments increase the possibility of runtime error, eliminating the possibility of runtime error entirely causes entirely more trouble for the engineers using the tools than its worth. And not having features like these don't stop people from writing buggy, screwed up code, anyway.